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Tutoring and Other Needs Your Child May Have

Children that are able to listen and pay attention for longer periods usually do best in school. However, many times the problem is not the child but the factors that cause him or her to not be able to pay attention. Tutoring can help your child get the help they need to be able to learn best, but there are also other factors that need to be dealt with.That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Orlando, we want to mention some factors that can be affecting your child´s ability to learn.

Factors That Negatively Affect Learning

  • Lack of sleep. Children that do not get enough sleep at night are tired, cranky and irritable. These signs may not appear as regular signs of being tired, children are pretty active even when they are tired but lack of sleep will affect their ability to focus and learn.
  • Not eating a healthy breakfast. Not eating a good breakfast whether it is the lack of food or the lack of nutrients in the food, is a common cause for bad performance in school. Foods with a high sugar content and low nutritional value negatively impact a child's ability to concentrate and learn.
  • Undetected needs.  The need for glasses, hearing aids and other special needs can cause a difficult situation for many children, especially when this need is unknown. Younger children are greatly affected by this because the need may not be obvious until a later age when the situation has escalated and the child is reluctant to learn because of previous unfavorable experiences. For more information on indicators that your child may need glasses visit our previous post here.
  • Learning disabilities. ADD or ADHD are among the most heard of learning disabilities but there are a few others. As the word says these learning disabilities are internal factors that affect the way the brain and body functions and cause barriers in the way a child learns.  have so that the environment is adapted to their needs. you can learn more on learning disabilities and how to encourage a child with these needs, here.

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