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Why It's Great to Use a Thesaurus

A thesaurus can be a writer's best friend, and for students who want to become better readers and writers, it can be a powerful tool.  Whether you purchase a book and keep it with you,  access an online thesaurus, or use the thesaurus feature in programs like Microsoft Word, don't underestimate the helpfulness of this often overlooked device.  Today we'd like to discuss you with the many benefits that a thesaurus provides.

Why Use a Thesaurus?

  • A thesaurus simplifies things.  While a dictionary is certainly helpful as well, it comes loaded with other information, like word origins, pronunciation, and multiple meanings that its user has to sort through in order to find what she's looking for.  When simply in search of synonyms, a thesaurus is what you need.
  • A thesaurus is most helpful in assisting a writer that would like to avoid repetition.   A lot of repetition makes writing boring and sometimes hard to read.  By consulting a thesaurus it is easy to avoid repetition and thus keep the reader engaged.
  • Antonyms are often included in a thesaurus as well.  Not only will the thesaurus teach you how to express the same idea in a variety of ways, it will teach you the opposite side as well.
  • Regular use of a thesaurus is a fantastic way to expand your vocabulary.  You will be able to express yourself better, and your writing will improve.

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