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Tutoring Tips to Help Your Child Engage in Summer Learning

Just because summer vacation is here, it does not mean that students should stop growing academically. Parents need to be aware of how necessary it is that students continue to learn in the summer months. Since this can greatly impact how academically successful a student becomes, it is important to help your child engage in summer learning.

How to Encourage Your Child to Continue Learning This Summer

  • Have fun with math. Math is one of the subjects that is most affected by the lack of practice.  Students will lose up to two months worth of mathematical knowledge during the summer if they don't get to practice or use their math skills. This summer, complete activities with your child that promote math knowledge. For some great tips and ideas on how to do this, visit our previous post here.
  • Read, read, then read some more. Students that don't read in the summer lose up to three months worth of reading skills. There is no better remedy than to constantly encourage your child to read. Take them to the library and have them check out books on topics that interest them. Write special letters for them to read every week. Have a reading contest at home to see who can read the most books by the end of the summer. Try to make it fun and before you know it the summer will be over and your child´s reading skills will have actually improved.

Summer Learning With Tutoring in Orlando

Tutoring programs are one of the best resources for the summer learning. Through the right tutoring program, children are able to catch up during the summer and even get ahead, allowing them to completely avoid a summer learning loss. This summer enroll your child at The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL. Call us directly at (407) 777-8229 to find out more.


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