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The ability to do math with only the power of the brain is one all students should have. Help your child have better mental math skills and excel in school by trying out these tips.

Mental Math at Home

The ability to solve math problems in a matter of seconds without the use of a calculator or pen and paper can be an excellent to boost any student’s academic performance. Math learning doesn’t have to be limited to school. You can help your child increase their mental math skills at home with these simple tips.
  • Games: Math can be fun. Your child can play while learning. One way to practice their mental math skills is by playing online computer games or games on a smartphone. These games require that you solve an equation within a limited time. There’s no time to get a calculator. As the game advances, it gets faster and more complicated.
  • Guesstimate: Randomly ask your child to make estimates of how much something measures, how far away a place is, or how much of a thing is available. Research proves that the better you are at making estimates, the better you get at calculating the exact number.
  • Multiplication tables: Many people don’t believe that memorization is good for learning, but when it comes to the multiplication tables, it is. Memorization is fundamental for math. Your child will find it easier to do mental math problems if they can easily remember their times tables.
  • Music: Some children learn better by listening to music or rhymes. Find some musical math CD’s to help your child memorize facts.

Tutoring in Orlando for Improved Math Performance

If you’re looking for further ways to improve your child’s mathematical abilities, sign them up for tutoring in Orlando. You can learn about the variety of tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL has to offer by calling (407) 777-8229.


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