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Improve Listening Skills with Practice at Home

Active listening skills need to be put to practice at all times. Whether it is a lesson that is being explained or directions that are being given, it is necessary that students listen and always use their active listening skills. The only problem is that most students aren't good listeners and need extra practice in this area. That is why today we want to share two valuable tips to help students improve their listening skills at home.

Two Valuable Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Listening Skills

  • Play listening games. It is best to help your child develop good listening skills at a young age. Small children enjoy games and you can help them have fun while teaching them to be better listeners. Do this by playing games such as ¨Simon Says,¨ sing and act the ¨Head and Shoulders¨ song, or role playing. Role playing helps children practice listening skills because it makes them listen to create their own coherent dialogue. You can also try other learning games that you will find in this previous post. 
  • Delegate instructions. Instead of just giving your child instructions for themselves, help them improve their listening abilities by giving them a set of instructions to give to someone else. This is a good way to help them improve since they not only have to listen and understand what is said but also comprehend it correctly enough to transmit the message. This not only forces students to listen to what is being said but to also have to actively listen so that they can convey the message accurately.

Get Your Child Help and Allow Them to Improve Their Listening Skills with Tutoring in Orlando FL

Some students need more help than others when it comes to developing good listening skills. If you notice your child is not doing well when it comes to learning and listening, get them extra help right away. Tutoring offers the extra help your child needs to gain the necessary learning skills that will allow them to succeed. Contact The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL now at (407) 777-8229 and get your child a free diagnostic assesment today.


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