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If your child is trying to squeeze studying and school demands into a schedule that includes extracurricular activities, sports, a social life, and even a part-time job, then they need excellent time management skills. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to offer a few tips on what they can do to make the most of their time.


The first step to organizing their life is for your child to work out which activities are the most important, and which they can dedicate less time to. You should make clear that academic concerns must always be top of the list, but that it’s up to your child to make decisions about which extracurricular activities they most want to pursue.

Keep a calendar

A calendar is a useful tool to remind your child of their upcoming commitments, including tests, homework due dates and upcoming competitions and sports matches. Encourage them to update it regularly and it will soon become second nature. It’s good to keep it in an easily-visible place within your home (stuck on the fridge, perhaps) so you can check it’s up to date and keep on top of what your child is doing.

Draw up a study schedule

Setting aside some time every day to study is vital if your child is to succeed at school. Nobody’s attention span is infinite, so get them to break their study time into blocks separated by short breaks for maximum productivity. Make it very clear that they need to dedicate study time to all of their subjects, especially those they struggle with.

Use to-do lists

Taking ten minutes each morning to write up a list of things to get done during the day is the perfect way to isolate exactly what it is your child needs to focus on over the course of the day and will help remind your child to get their daily necessities done.

Sleep well

It’s tempting to cut down on sleep to fit more things into each day, but if your child does this they’re unlikely to get anything done properly. Instead, they’ll be groggy and less able to study effectively. Make sure your child understand the importance of getting enough good quality sleep, and encourage them to establish a set sleeping routine to help them achieve this.

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If your child requires further support with their study skills, The Tutoring Center is here to help. Alongside our Geniuses in Training programs to develop skills in math, grammar and reading, we offer support with study skills such as time management. Call (407) 777-8229 to organize tutoring in Orlando today.


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