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Technology has a place in every home, but too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Set some summertime screen rules for your child to make room for other activities. Here are some tips from The Tutoring Center of Orlando to help you create a "No screen time until after you..." list for your child.

Summer Dreams

Sometimes your child just needs a little motivation to get lost in writing about or reading their favorite book. You can help your child with a little push by only allowing screen time after he/she reads for an hour or writes three paragraphs for the day. This will help your child to become a better reader and improve his/her writing skills. To make it more fun for your child let him/her pick the subject.

Creativity is Key

Another great rule to live by is to require your child, prior to screen time, to do something creative. Encourage your child to build, play and get crafty for a minimum of one hour daily. Creative activities help grow and nurture your child's imagination. Sometimes such activities can even encourage new interests to develop for your child.

All Play and Some Work

Before screen time runs away with your child's day, teach them some responsibility by first requiring him/her to clean their room and finish one additional chore. Make sure to remind your child these tasks must be done properly and to your satisfaction.

Summertime can be fun-time and accomplishment-time. All your child may need is a summer rules list to remind him/her all there is to do besides turn on the tablet or television. Let The Tutoring Center of Orlando help your child to focus on their reading, writing and math skills this summer as well as other enrichment programs such as "Geniuses in Training". Get the best tutoring in the city for your child! Call The Tutoring Center of Orlando at 407-777-8229 for a free diagnostic assessment, and determine your child's challenge areas they can work on before tuning into tech. With help from The Tutoring Center of Orlando, your child will be better prepared and confident for next semester.


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