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If your children study on their beds, in front the television or in any other unsuitable space, it can have a negative impact on their academic achievement. Having an appropriate place to study is the first step towards solid study habits, so if you are wondering how to create an effective study space in your home, The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to share some useful ideas to help you achieve this goal. 

Learning Style

You know your children better than anyone else, so find out which environment works best for them. They may prefer either silence or background noise, for example, so remember that the study space should adapt to their preferences and learning style. For further information about this subject, we invite you to read this post. 


Find a space in your home that adapts to your child’s style, it could be next to the kitchen or in a quiet place, and make sure to provide a comfortable chair and a desk. Although you should be careful; the chair shouldn’t be too cosy, otherwise your children will fall asleep on it. 


Your children should be committed to their study, but there are many things that can divert their attention. Block all forms of social media, remove their cellphones and other distractions from the study space. Also, create a study schedule; work together to establish a time limit for each task and don’t forget to include time for breaks.  

Having a space in which your children feel comfortable to work on their homework and school projects is the first step to creating good study habits which will be useful throughout their academic life.  

Remember that The Tutoring Center has programs designed to enrich school abilities and skills so that your children can successfully fulfill academic demands. We acknowledge that each student is different,  that’s why we offer a free diagnostic assessment to look into which areas need to be improved. For this and many other reasons, think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Orlando. 

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