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Develop Better Study Skills

If your child studies for their exams but still can't seem to reach the grades they want, this may be due to their study skills. Help them reach their goal test scores with these modifications to their study habits.

Get Rid of Distractions

If your child is constantly being distracted while studying, they may not absorb any of the information they're looking over. Figure out your child's biggest distractors and work out a way to keep these far from your child as they study. Common distractors include cell phones, laptops, tablets, and video games, so make their study area a tech-free zone if possible.

Create a Designated Study Space

If your child doesn't have a designated study space, this is a good place to start. Studying in a space like the living room or kitchen can get quite distracting because of all the movement and noise in these spaces. Create a designated study space and have quiet hours at home while your child studies. This simple change can make a huge difference when it comes time to take a test.

Make More Time

Many students leave all of their studying to right before a test. Unfortunately, trying to learn everything in one day usually isn't an effective study technique. Instead, have your child incorporate study time into their daily routine. This will ensure they aren't just memorizing facts, but actually learning the material they will be tested on. This will make it easier to recall information and perform better on their test.

Academic Tutoring in Orlando

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