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Not being able to concentrate is one of the most recurring problem that children have when it comes to their school work and activities. This problem leads to other academic issues and makes it very difficult for a student to learn. That is why today at the Tutoring Center in Orlando, we want to talk about a simple way you can help your child improve their ability to concentrate.

Constant Nutritious Meals are Key for Concentration

Brain cells need to be able to capture and transfer information adequately in order for concentration and learning to take place. These brain cells require oxygen and other nutrient rich components to be able to capture information correctly. Skipping meals or not eating healthy food throughout the day and on time, can make blood sugar levels drop and will deprive brain cells of valuable oxygen, not allowing the cells to absorb information adequately. That is why making sure your child eats a healthy breakfast and nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day is an important way to promote concentration.

 Omega-3 Helps Enhance Concentration

The oxygen helps brain cells  absorb and send information but the information also needs to travel properly for concentration to continue, and this is done through nerve fibers. These nerve fibers need to be surrounded by myelin, an adipose tissue. Without this, the connections between brain cells will be interrupted or insufficient and the individual will be unable to concentrate.  Omegas such as omega-3 help construct and maintain myelin, for healthy brain cell connection and improved concentration. Adding salmon and other fatty fish containing omega-3, to your child´s diet, will help boost their ability to concentrate. For more breakfast ideas that fuel education, read our previous post here.

Better Learning With Tutoring in Orlando

Concentration is the first step to helping your child learn better, but it also requires special techniques and tailored practice for your child to improve their concentration and learn better. Enroll your child in the best tutoring program in Orlando and watch how fast they improve in their ability to learn and concentrate. Call (407) 777-8229 to receive your free consultation.  


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