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Many benefits can come from letting your child sleep in during the weekend. Not only will you have the opportunity to rest more, but you'd also be providing your child with an immune system and memory boost, among other great perks.

Waking up Late is Not a Waste of Time

It’s the weekend and you’re probably tempted to wake your child early and have them do something “useful,” right? Many parents feel this way because as we get older, we sometimes start to see sleeping in as a waste of precious time. It’s quite the opposite. Sleep provides all sorts of benefits to young brains and bodies. So, before you go and wake your child up this Saturday, stop and think about the many perks you’d be making them lose.

Benefits of Sleeping In Late Over the Weekend

  1. Bye-bye flu: Sleep helps keep the immune system strong. It’s less likely for well-rested children to catch the flu or whatever virus is floating around in the air. If they do get sick, they manage to recover faster.
  2. Consolidate new information: Whenever children learn something new, they need to sleep on it to consolidate that new information, make connections, and find it easier to remember later on.
  3. Better mood: While a good shut eye isn’t a guarantee for a sunny disposition in the morning, it will make your child less cranky. Sleep affects your ability to regulate your emotions, which is why tired children are more likely to be crabby or throw temper tantrums.
  4. Healthier growth: The growth hormone is mainly secreted during sleep. The more sleep your child gets, the healthier they will grow. Just don’t expect them to grow into giants overnight.

Tutoring in Orlando After a Good Night’s Rest

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