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How to Know If Your Child Faces Reading Difficulties and What to Do

Reading is one of the bases of learning and is also a necessary life skill. It can facilitate advancements in other subjects, including math, but the lack of good reading skills can hinder your child's academic performance. That is why it is so important to be aware of any difficulties that your child may be facing when it comes to reading.

3 Simple Steps to Know If Your Child Faces Reading Struggles

  1. Stay alert and quickly identify difficulties or reading problems your child may be facing by encouraging them to read with you every day. Ask them to do five minutes of reading out loud. Ask questions about what they read and listen to see if there are certain sounds or words that are especially difficult for them to read or understand. If you correct them and they continue to make the same mistakes, take note of this and talk to your child's teacher so you can work together to help your child improve.
  2. After the five minutes of reading out loud, have them complete 10 minutes of silent reading. Ask them to draw a picture related to the reading or talk to you about what they just read. This helps you get a better idea of how much of what they read they are actually understanding. (For more reading comprehension information click here.) 
  3. Always stay in communication with your child's teacher and ask them for help and support. Make sure you talk to them about your child's reading level and ask them to give you exercises or game ideas for you to promote better reading skills at home.

The Best Reading Help with Tutoring in Orlando FL

If your child doesn't seem to enjoy reading, it could mean they are having a hard time with it. Talk to them and get them tutoring help right away. At The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL they have very efficient reading programs to help your child improve and develop a love for reading. Dial  (407) 777-8229 right now to ask for a diagnostic assessment free of charge.


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