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What Is Assertiveness?

A social skill where people are able to express what they think, what they feel and the beliefs they have, in an appropriate way to the environment, in a polite manner and in the absence of anxiety. This is a quality that children can acquire later but, it's important to encourage it early in their lives so they can be more comfortable exercising as they grow up.

Be Their Role Model

Children are very observant and observation is one of their learning approaches. Thus, it's convenient to use phrases such as "I think that", "what do you think if?", "I feel this way"; rather than passing sentence or interrupting the flow of communication at home.

Work on Their Problem-Solving Skills

When there's a problem is to look for a way to solve it; even if the solution isn't the easiest. You have to help them think about possible scenarios that could arise, then you could give them clues about what is a good strategy to tackle the problem.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you can play different roles with each other or even use dolls and action figures to represent conflictive or uncomfortable situations with your kids and see how they could respond assertively.

After School Tutoring in Orlando

Tutoring in Orlando can help your child get back on track and catch up with their class when they go back to school. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL, and enroll your child in one that makes sense for their needs. To learn more, contact their learning center at  (407) 777-8229.


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