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While we are all enjoying holiday break, it’s important to keep January and the next semester in mind. Why not help your child set some new organization goals for the next part of the school year with these simple steps? For more tips on helping your child continue to succeed this school year, Th...
Winter break has started! While this is a time for your child to rest and have fun, doing some academic activities can be really beneficial to keep their mind active and their knowledge fresh. That’s why in this post, The Tutoring Center in Orlando will give you a few ideas on what learning...
Not every child is born with a fantastic memory, but there are things you can do to help your child recall information, and this is an invaluable skill when it comes to acing tests and securing good academic results overall. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to let you know about a few...
For your child to become a better learner, you don’t just have to focus on studying and managing strict schedules; there can be fun involved in there too! The following games, brought to you by The Tutoring Center in Orlando, help your child develop different sets of abilities that can help...
If your children study on their beds, in front the television or in any other unsuitable space, it can have a negative impact on their academic achievement. Having an appropriate place to study is the first step towards solid study habits, so if you are wondering how to create an effective study...
Reading is a brain-stimulating activity that has numerous benefits: it increases vocabulary, boosts memory, enhances focus and concentration, improves writing skills, and studies also have found that it slow downs cognitive decline in old age. 

For these reasons, it’s important to show your...
As a parent, we are sure that you are aware of the link between a good breakfast and a good day for your child. Given the amount of conflicting information available, though, it can be exhausting trying to work out what is ‘good food’. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to suggest a few...
Raising a child with ADHD can of course be challenging, but with the right approach you can make life far easier for both you and your child. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to provide a few suggestions for dealing with this often troublesome disorder.

Be honest

Many pediatricians and...
In order to have a successful academic experience, you need to understand your learning style and employ studying techniques to suit it better. This will help you absorb, assimilate and retain useful information. 

This is why, in this post, The Tutoring Center in Orlando will share three of...


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