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Not being able to concentrate is one of the most recurring problem that children have when it comes to their school work and activities. This problem leads to other academic issues and makes it very difficult for a student to learn. That is why today at the Tutoring Center in Orlando, we want to...
In our previous post we mentioned ways to help your child become a better reader. Now, learning to read and fully understanding what is being read are two different things. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Orlando we want to further discuss an essential part of reading that is many...

Tutoring and Other Needs Your Child May Have

Children that are able to listen and pay attention for longer periods usually do best in school. However, many times the problem is not the child but the factors that cause him or her to not be able to pay attention. Tutoring can help your child get...

Composition Help: Rules of Punctuation

Here are a few grammatical rules of punctuation you should keep in mind when writing.

Using Periods

A period ends a complete sentence. Question marks and exclamation points eliminate the need for a period. If your sentence ends in an abbreviation, do not add...

Algebra Help: How to Factor an Expression

Factors are numbers you multiply together to get another number. When asked to factor an expression, you must find the numbers that multiply together to result in that expression. This article will show how factors work with some simple examples, then...

Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning

Summer break doesn't mean your child's learning should take a break. Provide some fun activities for your child to participate in and continue learning all through the summer. They don't have to know that they're participating in academic activities, just make...
 How can you tell if an egg is raw or boiled? Try this experiment to find out. All you need is two eggs, one hard boiled and one raw. Make sure the hard boiled egg has cooled enough and is the same temperature as the raw egg. Take a second to hypothesise how you could tell the difference...
Technology has a place in every home, but too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Set some summertime screen rules for your child to make room for other activities. Here are some tips from The Tutoring Center of Orlando to help you create a "No screen time until after you..." list for your...
Senior year is a great time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished your last few years of school and celebrate the end of high school, but all the parties and celebrations shouldn’t get in the way of your academics. You might be tempted to take things easy at school and instead focus on going out...
Writing is a way of communicating your thoughts, opinions, doubts and feelings. However, doing it correctly can be tricky, as it requires the writer to be familiar with a myriad of spelling and grammar rules. If you want to improve your writing skills and need a bit of help in this department,...


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