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Helping your child start this year with the best attitude and the right goal-setting strategies is not a difficult task. Read the following tips to learn how you can help your child set better academic goals and reach higher educational achievements.

Tips That Will Help Your Child Reach Better...

Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on family time and have fun, all while learning. Today we want to share some activities to keep your child busy and learning this winter break.

Activities to Spend Winter Break More Productively

  • Take advantage of car rides. During winter break, many...

Math Is Hard but It Can Also Be Very Fun

The truth is that math is hard. No matter how good you are at it or how easy it comes, math is proven to be one of the most challenging subjects for students. A few studies have even proved that doing math can actually equate to the struggle of physical...

Establish a Solid Communication With Your Child's Teachers

In a previous post we discussed the importance of establishing good communication with your child regarding the new school year. Good communication with your child can help ensure that your child gets off to a good start, but it is also...
Starting the school year is a different experience for every student. While some students are eagerly awaiting the return of school, others may be nervous and unmotivated about the experience. That is why it is crucial that you show your child support and encouragement. Talking to your...

Hobbies Can Also Help With Summer Learning

It's great that the summer allows students to take a break from school but it does much more than that. It gives students the time to seek out new interests and enjoy their hobbies. In a previous post, we discussed two simple ways to encourage summer...

Tutoring Tips to Help Your Child Engage in Summer Learning

Just because summer vacation is here, it does not mean that students should stop growing academically. Parents need to be aware of how necessary it is that students continue to learn in the summer months. Since this can greatly impact how...

Tutoring Help For Understanding the Main Types of Verbs

The truth is that many students struggle with grammar because they lack a strong foundation of basic language arts concepts. One of the most important concepts that needs to be mastered in order to better understand other grammar structures...

The Importance of a Good Working Memory and Tutoring

We recently talked about memorization and the importance of learning good study skills. Learning is a process that is affected and altered by many elements. one of the most indispensable elements being the working memory. The working memory is...

Facilitate Your Child's Academic Experience With These Learning Tips and Tutoring

Memorization is an important part of school performance as it is required for all subjects in many areas. From tests to presentations, students must improve their ability to memorize in order to facilitate their...


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