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In a previous post on how you can stay organized, you learned that having a planner or agenda can help you keep track of your responsibilities. However, in order for you to reap the benefits of having one of those handy tools around, you need to keep it well-organized. With this in mind, this post will go over a few tips you can follow to keep an organized and functional agenda.

How to Keep an Organized Agenda

Carry Your Agenda With You

First and foremost, you need to take your agenda everywhere you go (especially to school). This way, you’ll have it near in case you need to set a reminder about an upcoming activity, event, assignment, among other things.

Color-Coordinate Your Activities

If you want your agenda to be well-organized with a touch of fun, you can color-coordinate your activities. For instance blue for homework and purple for extracurriculars and so on. Doing so will give you a better visual of what you have to do on any given day.

Write Everything Down

Your agenda is meant to be a reliable reminder of your responsibilities. In order to be that for you, you need to write everything down in it (your assignments, tests, social events, presentations, etc.). If you have a big project coming up, you should write it down on the day it was assigned, and on its due date so you don’t forget about it.

Keep It Updated

Again, you want your agenda to be reliable, so make sure to update it regularly. For instance, write down new developments on your assignments or appointments as they happen. At the same time, make sure to cross off any activity that you’ve already completed to avoid confusion.

Check Your Agenda on a Daily Basis

Finally, you should check your agenda on a daily basis, even on days in which you think you don’t have anything planned. This way, you’ll make sure of what you have to do, and you’ll start to build a habit with your agenda.

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