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Oral presentations are a great way to practice how you communicate in front of a group of people, and to help you master a subject or topic. However, this doesn’t make them any less intimidating. If you have an oral presentation coming up and could use some help to ace it, follow the tips mentioned in this post.

How to Master Your Oral Presentations

  1. Practice truly does make perfect, so if you want to have the best oral presentation, practice constantly. Ask a group of friends or relatives to listen and give you feedback. Likewise, work on understanding the topic you’ll be talking about, instead of memorizing every word.
  2. Keep in mind that knowing what you’ll be saying isn’t enough; you should also take care of your body language. Using the appropriate voice rhythm, volume and tone, standing up straight, and making eye contact with your audience can make a huge difference.
  3. If you’re allowed to have notes with you, avoid taking a large text and reading it through the whole presentation. Instead, just take pointers that will remind you of the different main ideas that you need to go over.
  4. If you’re using visual aids for your presentation, make sure that you check them thoroughly before you present them in front of the class. Likewise, if your aid has text in it, try not to cram up every slide since this can be distracting and confusing. 
  5. On the day of your presentation, get to your classroom early, and verify that any technology you’ll be using (projector, computer, slide show, etc.) is working correctly and ready to be used. 
  6. Finally, before you start your presentation, make sure to take deep breaths in to relax a bit and shake the nerves off. Remember that you’ve prepared for this moment, so be confident and focus on what you’ll be doing.
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