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While we are all enjoying holiday break, it’s important to keep January and the next semester in mind. Why not help your child set some new organization goals for the next part of the school year with these simple steps? For more tips on helping your child continue to succeed this school year, The Tutoring Center in Orlando can also provide information for you on how you can adapt to your child’s learning style. 

Prepare for the Next Day

Help your child begin with easy organizational efforts, like preparing and laying out the items he or she will need for the next day. 
- Remind your child to lay out clothes to wear.
- Put all homework and needed supplies in or near their backpack to help them remember them.
- If your child has a prepacked lunch that does not need to be refrigerated, you can also leave it out.

Reserve an Area for Your Child’s School Supplies

- Not only should your child have a designated study space, but be sure to designate an area where your child can keep all of their school supplies. You may consider a special cabinet or shelf in a common area of the home or a designated corner of your child’s bedroom. 

Post Reminders

- If there are specific items your child continually forgets or chores he or she does not remember to do, have visible reminders posted in your home. You could consider posting these reminders on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or even on your child’s backpack.

Encourage Organization by Using a Planner

- Encourage your child’s organizational efforts by buying a planner your child can get excited to use.
- Allow your child to pick it out or get something you know your child will enjoy carrying around.
- Remember that if your child sees you making strides toward organization, they are likely to follow suit.

Once you’ve helped your child get ready for the next half of the school year, be sure to evaluate his or her progress. If you should find that your child is need of assistance, The Tutoring Center is here for you. For tutoring in Orlando, contact us at (407) 777-8229.


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