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Being Bilingual Helps Children Maintain Strong Ties to Their Entire Family, Culture, and Community

This is critical to the development of a child's identity. However, there are still some misconceptions about dual language learning.

Myth #1

  • Myth: Speaking two languages ​​in front of a child can cause a speech or language disorder.
  • Fact: If a bilingual child has a speech or language problem, it will appear in both languages. However, these problems are not caused by learning two languages. Being bilingual should almost never be used as an explanation for a speech or language disorder.

Myth #2

  • Myth: Learning two languages ​​will confuse your child.
  • Fact: Some bilingual children may mix grammar rules at times, or may use words from both languages ​​in the same sentence. This is a normal part of bilingual language development and does not mean that your child is confused.

Myth #3

  • Myth: Children with speech or language processing disorders may have a harder time learning a second language.
  • Fact: Children with speech and language disorders may have a more difficult time learning a second language, but research shows that many can do so successfully.

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