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Dyslexia Myths

To dismantle the most serious myths surrounding dyslexia one must bring science closer to parents with children challenged by it, and offer some expert advice on what they can do to better support their children. According to Scientific Learning magazine, the most important myths to dismantle are the following:

Myth #1

Dyslexia is a visual disorder that causes people, affected by it, to see words and letters backwards, or inside out.


Many children reverse letters, both while reading and writing, but that is not a sign of dyslexia. As some ophthalmologists confirm, there are no scientific studies that clearly demonstrate this. However, a scientific study published by the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics shows that 80% of children with dyslexia have no vision challenges.

Myth #2

There is no specific way of knowing o determine if a child is at risk of being dyslexic before starting school.


There are many risk factors that show up before children go to school; this can manifest in difficulties learning lullabies or rhymes, learning, recognizing and remembering, letters and words. In fact, there are already scientific studies that help predict reading and speaking difficulties before children go to school. To read the study, do not hesitate to open this link.

Myth #3

Dyslexia is a lifelong challenge and those diagnosed with this disorder will never be able to read well.


Even if it's hard on them at first, there are very effective neuroscience-based interventions and programs, like Fast ForWord, that improve children's reading while helping them succeed in their studies.

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