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For your child to become a better learner, you don’t just have to focus on studying and managing strict schedules; there can be fun involved in there too! The following games, brought to you by The Tutoring Center in Orlando, help your child develop different sets of abilities that can help him/her be a better student. 

Learning Games for Your Child


Sudoku is a number placement game that requires the player to be organized, strategic, logical and focused. It keeps the brain working and stimulated, which may even help prevent Alzheimer’s in old age.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles test your spelling, vocabulary and general knowledge. Plus, they also require a lot of focus and strategic thinking. They can even be a fun way to study school subjects and concepts!

Jigsaw Puzzles

When you think about it, jigsaw puzzles work and develop a lot of skills. To complete them successfully, you need to concentrate, relate the pieces, use your problem-solving abilities, manage your efforts, and recognize the images.

Memory Games

Having a good memory is very important in order to become a better student. Memory games helps strengthen your child’s visual response, works their agility and can help increase their attention span.

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