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As your child is making his or her way through school, you are likely to come across challenges along the way. A great challenge that you may have to face as a parent is if your child is diagnosed with a learning disability. Certainly this can be a challenge, but it is not insurmountable. The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to help you today by providing you with a few tested ways you can motivate and encourage your child through his or her learning disability. 

Understanding the challenges your child will be facing by learning as much as possible about the LD he or she has been diagnosed with, is an excellent place to start. Once you’re more informed about the disability it will not only be easier for you to help, but easier for you to relate to what your child is experiencing. Your child will feel more comfortable in coming to you with issues if he or she is aware that you are educating yourself and ready to help. 

Your child should be provided with choices that will empower him or her. You know your child better than anyone else, so you should decide whether to make these choices open ended or guided. You may find that it is best to give your child a list of tasks for completion and then allow him or her to put them in order. Your child may decide to make the order based on the tasks that are most entertaining or most important. 

Lastly, it’s so important that you take time to focus on the passions and interests your child already possesses. Of course these do not have to be academic in nature, but certainly could be. If your child enjoys reading, allow time for that. If it’s painting, or a sport, allow time for that as well. It’s important to remember that your child will likely face adversity due to his or her learning disability. That being said, it’s important for you to help your child remember those things he or she enjoys, is good at, and wants to continue to pursue. 

Whether or not you’ve yet to see an improvement in your child’s work habits, you can remember that it is OK to ask for extra assistance. The Tutoring Center is ready to help your child reach ultimate academic success with our one-on-one tutoring. No matter the challenges your child is facing, from a learning disability to having trouble getting through challenging math homework, we can work together. For tutoring in Orlando, be sure to contact us, (407) 777-8229.


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