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When your child is young, you may think of ways to help him or her at an early age, begin to stand out from his or her peers. Of course, your child may be incredibly gifted in certain areas, or have a knack for the arts, but there is another way you can help your child advance greatly-by getting him or her interested in learning another language. The Tutoring Center in Orlando has four reasons today as to why you should get your child involved in language learning. 

Improving the First Language

In language acquisition, after learning simple vocabulary, comes understanding grammatical and sentence structure. When your child begins to learn these in a new language you can expect that he or she will become more familiar with the structure of his or her first language. Later, as he or she is learning more advanced vocabulary, it’s possible that your child will learn the equivalent to those words in English as well. You can expect that your child’s overall understanding of English will improve as he or she advances in the second language. 

Higher Standardized Test Scores

It is statistically the case that students who are multilingual do significantly better on standardized tests than their peers who are monolingual. This is in part due to the advanced vocabulary abilities of multilingual students. Especially if your child is learning a second language with Latin or Greek roots, you can expect that he or she will be able to break down more complex vocabulary with more ease. Improved Understanding in Other Academic AreasThe other reason that multilingual students tend to do better on standardized tests is because they gain a new understanding to other subject areas as well. If a language is very calculated, for example, your child may be more open to mathematical areas. Because learning a new language opens your child’s brain to new ways of processing information, you will likely see that helping him or her improve in other areas. 

Career Opportunities in the Future

Of course, the more your child knows, the better it looks on an academic resume, and the more opportunities your child may have for scholarships in college. Not only that, but if your child is really interested in working in languages as an adult, there are several career opportunities available for multilingual people. Not only within countries where the language is spoken, but also in translation, interpretation, and education. 

Though your child may excel at language, and this will likely lead to better scores in other subject areas, you may find that your child is still in need of tutoring in a particular subject area. If that is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help. You can also find more information on other tips, like improving time management, on our blog. For tutoring in Orlando, contact us at (407) 777-8229.


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