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Every day is a learning opportunity. New skills, talents, and concepts can be discovered on a daily basis. Have your children try some of these ideas to keep their minds sharp during the winter break.

Everything Can Be a Learning Opportunity

If you’re looking for ways for your children to have a more productive winter break, look no further. In this post you’ll find some simple yet fun ideas to keep your children busy and learning during the holidays. Remember that every experience can be a learning experience if you can find the lesson in it. Head to the kitchen: Cooking offers many learning opportunities. Children can practice math and fine motor skills while preparing a recipe. Bonus learning: take the children shopping with you and ask them to calculate costs in order to stay within a budget. Family tree: Start a meaningful family project and record your family tree. Have your children ask their close relatives about what life was when they were younger. Gather everything you can find and write it in a book or make a video. Christmas decorations: Decorating can also be a learning opportunity. Youngsters can learn about holiday traditions and maybe do some digging to find out how they came to be. Secret Santa: How about starting a Secret Santa exchange at home? The only rule is that everyone’s gifts need to be handmade. The project will be even more special because everyone will make a bigger effort when coming up with a gift idea and executing it.

Tutoring in Orlando

Once the winter break is over and your children return to their academic routine, sign them up for tutoring in Orlando. The Tutoring Center, Orlando1 FL has various tutoring programs your children can try. Call them at (407) 777-8229 to learn all about them.


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