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Students manage to forget most of what they learned during the school year when summer begins because their brain get lazy. Here’s what you can do to keep that from happening to your child.

Don’t Let the Summer Slide Affect Your Child

Students work hard all year long to learn new material in school, but as soon as the last bell rings and they’re out for the summer, that learning seems to disappear. This phenomenon is called the summer slide, and it usually happens because children’s brains get lazy. You can help prevent this from happening to your child by trying these activities to keep their mind active.

Do Some Writing

Encourage your child to start a journal to document their summer activities, random thoughts and ideas, and their feelings. They can let their imagination run wild while writing down their ideas.

Do Some Science Experiments

Experiments can be fun, hands-on activities where a child can learn about science. Try some science experiments this summer like making ice cream or exploding sidewalk paint. Just head to Pinterest and search for summer experiments for children.

Do Some Reading

Reading should be part of your child’s daily activities, especially during the summer when they have more free time. Look for a summer book club for children at your local library or favorite bookstore.

Do Some Sightseeing

Use this summer as an opportunity to help your child learn more about their neighborhood and city. Do some sightseeing around town to learn new things and create new memories.

Summer Tutoring in Orlando

Tutoring is not like going to school. Your child can learn in a more casual learning environment if you enroll them in a summer tutoring class in Orlando. Call The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL at (407) 777-8229 to learn about their summer programs.


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