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In our previous post we mentioned ways to help your child become a better reader. Now, learning to read and fully understanding what is being read are two different things. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Orlando we want to further discuss an essential part of reading that is many time overlooked.

Reading Comprehension is Essential

Reading comprehension is understanding what is read. We have often encountered children that can fluently read and hardly stubble when reading out loud, but when it comes to understanding what they are reading they struggle greatly. That is because reading comprehension is a separate skill that needs specific attention. It requires multi tasking and special attention to be able to read correctly and understand completely what is being read while processing the information and storing it at the same time.

Improve Reading Comprehension Through Tutoring

Reading comprehension is not the easiest skill to learn but with the right methods and the correct tutoring help this skill can easily be attained and practiced until it starts becoming second nature.  Like in all things, practice makes perfect, and reading comprehension is one of those things that the more it is practiced the better and easier it becomes. Improving  in reading comprehension helps a student to be prepared for more intricate forms of literature. This means that as the child improves in comprehension and they can advance in the level of reading and the speed in which they read is also increased.

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