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Why You Should Focus on Vocabulary Building

Although vocabulary building is mostly a subject that kindergarten and elementary aged students focus on, it is something that needs to continue on in higher grade levels as well. Part of it's importance is the role it plays in spelling and grammar, areas that are directly linked to reading and writing, but that's not all. Vocabulary also plays a large role in other subjects such as science and math because it is the key to helping students understand the information provided. That is why this school year it is a good idea to place a little more emphasis on vocabulary building at home.

Vocabulary Improvement Tips

  • Help your child build up their vocabulary by introducing them to new words through movies, books, street signs, magazines, and even through your own conversations.
  • Talk to your child with more advanced language and make sure that you stop and explain new words that you use. Demonstrating the use of higher vocabulary can also push your child to express himself/herself better and to be more interested in learning new words.
  • It is also a good idea to get your child a thesaurus and encourage them to use it at home. Make it into something fun, kind of like a family challenge to see who can learn the most words and synonyms at the end of the month.
  • As we mentioned before, reading is the key to improvement in many areas, and vocabulary building is definitely one of them, so encourage your child to read daily.

Grammar and Vocabulary Help with Tutoring in Orlando FL

If your child is struggling in this or other academic areas, make sure that you get them tutoring help right away. Even if they aren't behind yet, it is always best to provide them with the extra support and assistance that The Tutoring Center, Orlando #1 FL offers, so that they can excel academically. Reach out to them today at (407) 777-8229 and ask for a free consultation.


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