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Beat Homework Procrastination

It's not hard to understand why students don't look forward to completing homework after a long day at school, but it has to get done. If your child tries to put it off all day long, they may be left rushing to get it done right before bedtime. To prevent this from happening, use these tips to fight back against homework procrastination.

Create an Easy Homework Routine

Getting homework done right after school is ideal because it means your child gets it out of the way so that they can relax and get to bed on time later in the day. They may not be fond of this idea, but they'll start to appreciate it once they realize it means more stress-free, leisure time later in the day. To make this happen, have your child eat a healthy snack when they get home from school and give them some time to go outside and play. After a short play time, head indoors and start on homework before they have a chance to reach for the remote.

Stay Organized With a To-Do List

Before your child's dives right into the first assignment that springs into their head, have them create a to-do list where they can keep track of everything they need to complete. This will help them stay on task and concentrated, making it easier to get homework done faster.

Take a Beak

You may be tempted to tell your child they can't leave their desk until their homework is done, but this may actually be counterproductive. Instead, schedule breaks during your child's study time so that they have a chance to get up, stretch, have a light snack, and recharge. After a short break, they'll be more ready to tackle their remaining homework.

Academic Tutoring in Orlando

If your child could use some extra help completing their homework, tutoring in Orlando is a great option. Enroll your child in one of the many academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL to help them reach their academic goals. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (407) 777-8229. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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