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Tips to Help You Prepare for a Presentation

Presentations can be an intimidating task for many students. Because your child has to get their research right and speak in public, it's no wonder they may not be fond of these types of tasks. To help them overcome this hurdle, teach them these basic presentation tips.

Learn Your Presentation

To avoid a boring presentation that's full of text that your child basically reads to their audience, they should learn their presentation material thoroughly. This will prevent them from reading off of notecards the entire time while ignoring their peers. Since they've learned the material completely, presenting it can also become a lot less intimidating.

Catch Your Audience's Attention

No one likes to feel like they're being ignored while they're presenting. To avoid this, have your child practice their stage presence at home. Help them work on their posture so that they look confident and assertive. Work on getting their speaking volume just right so that everyone can hear them clearly. Ensure your child speaks with inflection so that their presentation isn't monotonous and boring. Finally, if they're nervous, they may need to be reminded to slow down so that they don't sprint through their presentation.

Let Your Personality Show

To help your child feel more comfortable and confident as they present in front of their peers, remind them to add some of their own personality into their presentation. If your child is great at drawing, encourage them to include some original drawings into their presentation. Other things they can consider including to make their presentation more unique and engaging include a short video or even a cartoon they drew.

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