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Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on family time and have fun, all while learning. Today we want to share some activities to keep your child busy and learning this winter break.

Activities to Spend Winter Break More Productively

  • Take advantage of car rides. During winter break, many families drive to visit family members and friends. The time spent in the car can accumulate. Make the most of these rides by playing games. Small children can play simpler games, such as spotting a red car and counting how many white vehicles they see or looking for the vowels in the road signs. For older children, you can play the alphabet game where one chooses one side of the car to look out of and someone else the other side. Each must then look at the license plates of passing vehicles and try to find all the letters of the alphabet in order. As they find each one, they call it out. The first to get to Z wins.

  • Watch educational movies as a family. Almost all family movies can lead to interesting discussions. When you watch movies, have a family debate about any of the topics discussed in the movie. This is important because it gives children the opportunity to learn to express their opinions, back up their statements, and to feel more comfortable in group discussions.

Teach Your Child to Be More Productive This Winter with Tutoring in Orlando FL

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