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Tips to Reinforce Math Facts at Home

Math tends to be one of the subjects that students most commonly struggle with. It may be because it requires higher concentration and different sets of skills in order to best comprehend the lessons.  However, this doesn´t mean that students cannot quickly improve and even excel in this subject with the right help.  For that reason, we want to provide some tips that can help you reinforce important math skills at home.

Math Facts and Memorization

Once young children have a strong understanding of basic math foundations, such as quantity and good number recognition skills, the next step is memorizing math facts. Math facts are the simple subtraction, addition and division outcomes that can be memorized and whose answer should become second nature to students as they advance. For example 5+5=10, or 8-3=5, or 8/2 =4. Memorizing their timetables is also a crucial step to improve in math and be able to reduce frustration when facing harder math problems.

Ways to Help Your Child Memorize Math Factors at Home

Math factors and timetables can be reinforced at home with flashcards on the walls or even quick pop up questions while children are doing chores or through games. There are many games that can be used to reinforce math, you could play hopscotch and ask your child to land in the number that equals 3+2 etc. Also, board games and card games like UNO are great for instilling a love for math and a desire to practice basic math knowledge.

Great Math Skills With Tutoring in Orlando

The Tutoring Center in Orlando offers an incredible academic program for small children that can help build and reinforce strong math skills so they can easily master this subject as they grow up and advance in higher math levels. Call us now, at (407) 777-8229 and ask about our Little Geniuses in Training Program, today.


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