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Advice to Help Your Student Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a common problem among students that can negatively impact their school performance on a daily basis. Students need to learn to reduce or eliminate procrastination in order to render better results and become more successful in an academic environment and other areas of life. The following quick tips can help students get started on the right path.

3 Things You Need to Keep in Mind in Order to Avoid Procrastination

  • Just do it. The hardest part about homework, studying for exams, and completing projects is actually getting started. The more you think about it, the longer you dread it. To avoid this, as soon as you know what you will have to get done, get started on it right away.
  • Stick to what you have to do until it is done. Once you get started, the second problem is actually sticking to what you have to do and not letting yourself get distracted. The best way to prevent your mind from wandering off and not sticking to a task is to do a little at a time. Practice focusing for short periods of non-stop work and then a set timer for no more than five minutes of rest. This can help students focus on working without feeling distracted because they know they have to beat the clock instead of having a vague deadline that is too far ahead.
  • Don't use deadlines as a starting point. The biggest problem most students face is that they leave their work to their deadline day. Encourage your child to finish assignments or tasks a day before the due date.

Eliminating Procrastination with Help From Tutoring in Orlando FL

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