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History tends to be a dense school subject for children. For this reason, The Tutoring Center, Orlando, FL, has come up with a couple of tips that can spice up this experience while easing your children's struggle with this class!

Recreate a Historical Event at Home

This suggestion is a ubiquitous approach. First, you will read through a certain period of history, and then you'll use fabrics, costumes, wigs, etc., so that the children can recreate a fragment of the story and dress up as the characters they have learned in class.

Use Visual Storytelling to Your Advantage

Nursery and elementary school teachers use this approach a lot. It eases the recall process when learning history through a sequence of images or storytelling using drawings, photographs, and even movies. This tactic helps the children engage with the lesson while the pictures help them visualize what's being taught.

Playing Detective

This tactic works wonders with young and curious children. Let them wear outfits or clothing similar to what detectives wear; pipe, magnifying glasses, Sherlock Holmes hats, etc., and let the children study the lesson as detective case. It allows them to ask the director, retired teachers, etc. It may be exciting for children to use a cell phone to record conversations or film them while playing this game to cultivate their desire to know more.

If your child has fallen behind in class, enrolling them in tutoring in Orlando can help them reach their educational goals. Check out the academic programs taught at The Tutoring Center, Orlando, FL. For more information, give their learning center a call at 850-424-7935.


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