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Tips for Students Struggling to Read Aloud

Reading aloud can be a daunting task for students who are struggling with their reading skills. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help your child develop solid reading skills and their reading confidence. Check out the tips below for some reading help.

Read Together

Reading with your child can help them develop their reading skills while also helping find the confidence to read aloud on their own. Start off by reading to your child while pointing the words as you say them. From there, move onto reading aloud together at your child's pace. Help them with sounding out words and pausing for punctuation when needed. After a while, they'll be more comfortable reading aloud on their own.

Let Mistakes Happen

Your child is bound to make mistakes when reading. This is part of the learning process, so don't point these out in a way that will embarrass your child. Instead, focus on correcting the larger mistakes and let some of the little ones go. Be sure your child is also aware of the fact that you too make mistakes while reading.

Encourage Your Child to Read on Their Own

Practicing reading with your child is great, but so is letting them have time to read on their own. Designate some daily silent reading time where they can practice these skills on their own. This will not only ensure they make time to practice daily, but it can also help them develop a healthy love of reading.

Academic Tutoring in Orlando

If reading is causing your child some frustrations, enrolling them in tutoring in Orlando can be part of the solution. Contact The Tutoring Center, Orlando FL at (407) 777-8229 for information about their tutoring programs and how these can help your child reach their academic potential.


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