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The Best Ways to Avoid Procrastination

It can be easy for students to ignore their work and leave it for later. The bad part of this is that they'll always be playing catch up and may be stressed out trying to finish it all in little time. To ensure they don't fall victim to procrastination, use these tips.

Create a Routine

If your child is having a rough time getting their work done in a timely manner, creating an after school routine can help them stay on track. They may have a hard time getting used to a new routine at first, but after a few days, they won't even stop to think about what comes next. To ensure their day isn't wasted, your child's after school routine should start with them settling in to do their work so that this can get done before dinner time.

Set Time Limits

Your child knows what they need to get done, but this may not be enough to get them started. Have your child create a list of the tasks they need to complete, but don't stop there. They should also give themselves a determined amount of time to complete each assignment. This means that they should estimate how long each task will take and then work to get it done in that amount of time. By setting time limits, your child will be more motivated to work, helping them beat their procrastination habit.

Get Rid of Distractions

If your child has a hard time getting their work done because they're constantly getting distracted, getting rid of their distractions is a must. For starters, their workspace shouldn't include any items that will be distracting. Remove items like their cellphone, tablet, and other toys that will cause them to get distracted. If hunger or stress are part of the problem, address them before each homework session.

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