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How Can Adults Help Children Build Good Self-Esteem?

The meaning of self-esteem is the way in which an individual perceives himself, in other words, his own thoughts and feelings about him, or her, and the ability to achieve the things that are important to himself. Self-esteem is shaped not only by the children's own perspectives and expectations, but also by the opinions and expectations of the important people in their life: what they think of them and how their parents, teachers, and friends treat them.

For Good Self-Esteem, Children Need to Promote or Acquire Some or All of the Following Characteristics:

Sense of Security

  • Your children should feel confident about themselves and their future.

Sense of Belonging

  • Your teens need to feel accepted and loved by others, starting with family and then spreading to other groups such as friends, classmates, teammates on sports teams, from a church or temple, and even from the neighborhood or community. Without this acceptance or group identity, he or she may feel rejected, alone, and adrift without a home, family, or group.

Sense of Having a Purpose in Life

  • When people lack meaning and purpose in their life, they might feel bored, aimless, and even resentful of being pushed by themselves or other people in certain directions. That's why children should have goals that give meaning, purpose, and direction to their life and a way to channel their energy, to achieve, and to express themselves.

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