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Corrective lenses can completely change a person’s life. For example, for children, bad eyesight can affect their learning, academic life, social activities, and more. Still, first you need to correctly assess if a child has poor sight before giving them prescription glasses. If you suspect that your child may need glasses, look for the indicators mentioned below to evaluate their sight. Just remember to take your child to the ophthalmologist to get a professional opinion.

Does Your Child Needs Glasses


First of all, you should notice if your child squints their eyes constantly. If they do, it’s probably because they need to force their eyes to focus on certain objects in order to see better.

Tired Eyes

Needless to say, all of that squinting and forcing of the eyes can result in them getting strained. If your child has tired eyes, it may be a result of them having to compensate for poor vision. 


Believe it or not, your eyesight can also affect the rest of your body. For example, a child with an eye condition can develop strong headaches or migraines because they can’t see well enough.


Sensitivity is also a common consequence of bad eyesight. For instance, if your child has red or watery eyes constantly, you may want to have a doctor check if they need corrective glasses.

Unusual Habits

If your child can’t seem to focus on what they’re reading or watching TV, covers one eyes to see better, or needs to have objects too close to them, it may be an indicator that they need prescription lenses to have proper vision.

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