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Smartphones are part of everyday life to the point that their use has been normalized among children. Having efficient ways to communicate and stay in contact is necessary, so mobile phones' increasing popularity comes as no surprise despite many parents feeling unsure about it. If you feel wary of your children having a cellphone, read these suggestions by The Tutoring Center, Orlando, to prevent child's codependency to this device.

Give It a Purpose

Each family is different and has different rules, convictions, and needs. If you are thinking about giving a mobile phone to your children, think about whether they need it or you need it to reach them out. Think about the purpose of that device and the real advantages or disadvantages consistently, not only considering other people's opinions but also thinking about your needs or interests as a family.

Think about the Children

Their personality, relationship with you, age, and even hobbies define features that will influence how children use a mobile phone and the conflicts that may arise. Also, analyze your digital profile since children learn by imitation, and if the adults in their life need to use the phone for long hours, with what authority are you going to tell your children to stay away from it? Also, if the children are very sedentary, the mobile will only aggravate the problem.

Allow Gradual Access

There are children without a cell phone who already find it challenging to stay away from a game console and others who spend hours watching videos. Some respect the house rules, and others skip them when they can. If your children are already dependant on some electronic devices, they won't know how to manage a cellphone in the right way. If they need a mobile phone, try opening up the experience little by little with other devices more appropriate for their age, like giving them an ordinary cellphone to stay in touch instead of a smartphone with a camera.

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