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Facilitate Your Child's Academic Experience With These Learning Tips and Tutoring

Memorization is an important part of school performance as it is required for all subjects in many areas. From tests to presentations, students must improve their ability to memorize in order to facilitate their academic experience. Today, we want to mention some factors that can help your child improve their memory and study skills.

Important Factors That Can Facilitate Learning and Memory

  • Mnemonics. When there is something that needs to be learned for a test or just memorized, using mnemonics can be incredibly useful. Mnemonics are mechanisms or tools that allow memorization to be easier by attaching a connection to it that makes remembering it easier. Mnemonics can be acronyms, chants, poems, or representations. There are many mnemonic devices online for specific areas such as math formulas, grammar rules, and history dates. Your tutor may also be able to teach you a few. Read our mnemonic memory tricks post for more ideas and helpful tips.
  • Healthy habits. Staying healthy and keeping good health habits will also improve memory abilities. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep all directly affect the brain's ability to learn and grasp information. It is important that students have healthy active lifestyles and engage in a physical activity. These healthy habits will help improve brain function. The food a student consumes will affect how well the brain can catch on to information and absorb it.  Also, students require at least 8 hours of sleep in order for the brain to recover and store information properly. Reduced sleep will sabotage a student's ability to learn and memorize information.

Learn Important Study Skills With Tutoring in Orlando, FL

Tutoring provides students with indispensable tools that not only enhances their comprehension but also makes memorization and learning easier. At The Tutoring Center in Orlando, we are committed to helping your child succeed by teaching them the skills they need. Call (407) 777-8229 and take advantage of our Study Skills Enrichment Program, today.


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