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Reading is a brain-stimulating activity that has numerous benefits: it increases vocabulary, boosts memory, enhances focus and concentration, improves writing skills, and studies also have found that it slow downs cognitive decline in old age. 

For these reasons, it’s important to show your children the joy of reading, plus it’s an ability required throughout their academic life. That’s why The Tutoring Center in Orlando would like to share a few ideas that will make this task easier. 


Once you find out what excites and interests your children, it’s likely that you can find a book that will attract their attention in the library. Your local librarian can give you great recommendations and there are most likely events and workshops held throughout the year, so make sure to attend them. 

At Home

Practice what you preach and lead by example - read a book in front of your children and it’s likely that they will follow your example. Create a well-lit space at home where you can sit together and enjoy a book. Also, get involved in the process; make sure to ask them about what they are reading and this will motivate them to tell you more about their favorite stories. 


There are a few things you should avoid, otherwise you may create reluctant readers. Remember that this skill requires time to consolidate, so don’t expect that your children will read a book in a week. Don’t nag them to read, as this will usually have the opposite effect. 

These simple ideas will help instill this great habit in your children which will set a great foundation for later life. Don’t forget to read this post containing useful information to understand the learning style of your children to tailor your approach to their learning. 

At The Tutoring Center, we create exclusive programs to help your children reach their potential. To make sure we are providing our students with the support they need, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out their academic strengths and weaknesses. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Orlando. 

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