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The Importance of a Good Working Memory and Tutoring

We recently talked about memorization and the importance of learning good study skills. Learning is a process that is affected and altered by many elements. one of the most indispensable elements being the working memory. The working memory is in charge of making the information provided stick long enough to be able to apply it to the given task. Many students struggle with being able to carry out the instructions provided in order to complete an activity. The problem usually originates in the lack of a strong working memory. The working memory is undoubtedly important, which is why today at The Tutoring Center in Orlando, we want to list two effective and amusing ways to help children with a bad working memory to improve it.

2 Types of Games That Will Boost Working Memory Abilities

  • Verbal games. There are many verbal games that will challenge the working memory and, with constant practice, help improve it. Try classic games such as ¨I spy¨ and build up to more thought provoking games such as the alphabet game, where for each letter there must be a character and a short description using words that start with that letter. Here's an example: A. Ana, always answers in the afternoon, B. Brandon, the baker bakes biscotti in his bakery.
  • Board games. Playing Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Rummy, and all sorts of board games is another fun and interesting way to get students to use their working memory and improve it.

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