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The Importance of Recycle

Any object can have a second life so, don't be afraid to reuse it or customize it to fulfill other purposes. It's important that children learn to recycle properly so that they are able to separate the dispose of waste and control the use of items such as paper, empty...

Reading is a tool that provides endless benefits for the cognitive and emotional development of children. When children read different types of books, they start to develop a personality, define their interests, and become people capable of contributing to society.

Benefits of Reading


What Is Assertiveness?

A social skill where people are able to express what they think, what they feel and the beliefs they have, in an appropriate way to the environment, in a polite manner and in the absence of anxiety. This is a quality that children can acquire later but, it's important to...

Dyslexia Myths

To dismantle the most serious myths surrounding dyslexia one must bring science closer to parents with children challenged by it, and offer some expert advice on what they can do to better support their children. According to Scientific Learning magazine, the most important myths...

With the current sanitary emergency, people must stay t home which provides a safe space for students to practice and polish their skills before they return to school. In short, make the most of this time with them by learning tools and resources that will bring them infinite benefits, both...

Resilience is a human quality to overcome adverse situations and use experiences to grow as a person. Effort in itself helps children to develop their resilience, it also helps them make sense of their potential and, as a result, succeed in their school subjects. Scroll down to find out more.



The Best Ways to Avoid Procrastination

It can be easy for students to ignore their work and leave it for later. The bad part of this is that they'll always be playing catch up and may be stressed out trying to finish it all in little time. To ensure they don't fall victim to procrastination, use...

How to Decide If Homeschooling Is the Way to Go

Homeschooling has become a more popular option among parents for a number of reasons. In the past, it may have been hard to find a family who homeschooled their children, but now it's more common than ever. To learn more about why parents choose...

Get Involved in Your Child's Education

As a parent, chances are you're deeply invested in your child's education. As your child gets older, it can seem harder and harder to stay involved in their academics. To have a positive impact on their academic life, however, your participation matters. To...

Successfully Prepare for a Parent-Teacher Conference

If you have a parent-teacher coming up, it's best to prepare for it rather than just showing up without any questions or information. To help you prepare for your upcoming meeting with your child's teacher, use these tips.

Stay Involved in...


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